Supporting our school is integral to your child’s academic success, and a building block for their future. There are many ways you can support your Parent Association:


Giving is an essential part of the PA operations, and critical for being able to provide enrichment programs, residencies, sports teams, equipment, supplies, field trips, and much more!

Please consider donating to our Membership Drive with a one-time or recurring monthly payment:


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Without volunteers, many of our fundraising events would not be a success. Please consider volunteering. CLICK HERE for VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES


Other ways to support:

  • Attend PA meetings – building our parent community is vital to our success! Sign up for the Newsletter, and check your emails from the school’s Parent Coordinator Ms. Hui for meeting notices.
  • Run for the Parent Association Board or School Leadership Team! Elections are held every May for the following school year.
  • logo-boxtops
    Do you love Cheerios? Use ZipLoc bags? Look for the BoxTops for Education logo on many everyday products and now scan them (no more cutting and pasting!) for rewards for the PA. Visit to sign-up.
  • logo-stop-and-shop
    Use your Stop & Shop Card each time you shop and you will earn CASH for PS 174. Register your Stop & Shop card online at and follow the prompts to complete your registration. Our school ID is: 08904.Or, call the A+ Hotline at 1-877-Ask-Aplus (1-877-275-2758)
  • Participate in School Spirit Days — we have fun spirit days throughout the year, where your child can dress up in a fun theme, voluntary donations can be sent in with them to school.