Dear Families,

Through our parent outreach – emails, PA Meeting, and PS 174 School Lunch Survey, we have heard the requests for the service of hot lunch for all grades!
Please be patient as we train the children this week. We are demonstrating how to line up, set up and carry their trays. Remember, they have never carried a tray or eaten in the cafeteria in school.

Beginning Monday, October 25, 2021—-
Kindergarten to Grade 2 – Hot/cold lunch meals (including lunch brought from home) for the students to eat in the Cafeteria and/or auditorium (when necessary).

Grades 3 to 5 students will continue to pick up their meals– hot /cold and bring back to the classroom to eat.
"Grab and Go" will continue to be available at the arrival doors.


Laura Hui
Parent Coordinator, PS 174