Stay tuned for information on Book Fair Fall 2019

The Book Fair connects kids to high-quality, age-appropriate books.  By uniting kids with literature, the Book Fair brings together families to read titles that have been carefully selected by book experts.  The Book Fair also serves as a fundraiser for the P.A. to support our students and teachers!  Needless to say, we encourage all families to support the Book Fair.  To get started, check out our Book Fair Schedule for Fall 2018.

The Fall 2018 book fair theme was An Enchanted Forest, a whimsical place full of irresistible books that kids can’t wait to read so their imaginations can grow!  There’s a time when a child falls in love with a book… and then reading.  The 2018 Book Fair may just be that “once upon a time” for our students.   Parents, you can help us capture your kids’ imaginations in fall 2018 with a forest full of tales and inspiring, “happily ever after” results!  To get started, check out our Book Fair Schedule for Fall 2018.

The Book Fair helps our school stock up on resources to enrich our children’s education and offers them volunteer opportunities.  Best of all, the Book Fair provides kids access to more books.  More books mean more choices of books to read.  The right book can ignite a passion for reading. Reading expands the mind, nourishes the imagination, and opens a world of possibilities. Therefore we encourage families to work together to create a reading culture at home.